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08 Dec 2020

In an environment where 93% of consumers say that online reviews influence their buying choices, this is an area of your marketing strategy that no grocery brand company can afford to leave to chance. 

But actually, securing a steady stream of those all-important reviews and feedback from users can be one of the hardest challenges any grocery marketer will face. Enter ratings and review partners. There are more than a few companies out there who promise to solve your rates and review woes. But not all can deliver this service effectively. 

For selecting a reviews partner, here’s what to look for… 


If your grocery product listing is suddenly peppered with suspicious-looking feedback, you could find that your review strategy has had the exact opposite effect to what you intended. 

54% of consumers would not buy from a company that they suspected of posting fake reviews. And almost three quarters of consumers say that retailers should do more to question and combat them. 

Clued-in customers may very well do some digging into the details by checking the integrity of your feedback. If your partner is feeding reviews through to you, make sure to request that they are verified; i.e. from actual purchasers. 

Sector expertise  

It goes without saying that the grocery market is very different to, say, the consumer tech market. For your reviews to be of value, your partner should really have access to a big panel of everyday grocery shoppers. If they are trying to be all things to all sectors, the quality of output they send through may not be as great as you would like. 

Also, if they have deep knowledge of your sector, they are more likely to enable you to extract maximum value from the reviews. This includes helping you with analysis and drawing fresh insights from the content. 

For maximum impact online product reviews in CPG need to be recent ie less than 6 months old from verified purchasers using everyday language.

- CheckoutSmart research (3,710 online grocery shoppers)


Geography specific 

Even though your brand may have a global reach, don’t underestimate the value of local specificity when it comes to reviews. We trust the opinions of people who sound like us, who share the same pain-points as us - and who shop at the same stores as us: it’s part of the reason why person to person reviews are second only to recommendations from family and friends in terms of trustworthiness. 

Don’t rely on, say, European customer views for your US campaign - and vice versa. Your partner ought to be able to provide you with reviews from whichever geographic region you specify. 



Especially when it comes to new product launches, timing is everything. Don't wait weeks or over a month for your online reviews to build up. You want a process that lets you boost all your good work by having user-generated content and paid advertising all lined up, pretty much from day one. 

So in an ideal world, you need a partner who is able to deliver x number of online reviews on x date. It ensures maximum impact, and avoids all your hard work going to waste. 



There are two elements to this. 

For a start, bear in mind that the potential value of user comments (along with supporting assets such as photos) is not just confined to your review platform or Google. If you lift the content and add it to, say, your Instagram page and product listings pages, you can really maximise it. 

Also, it’s a massive boost to your business if you can aggregate and analyse these comments. This is all vital business intelligence on what you are doing right and wrong. 

Want to know the difference a best-in-class, on-demand review partnership could make to your brand? Sample a free pilot from CheckoutSmart today.



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